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Christ’s has called us to bring voice of His word to the people of this world. As we take a look at the prophetic clock we understand that we are living in the end times. God has called his servants to the forefront of this final effort of love. To aid heaven in the redemption of His people as many as will heed the final call, God has given his all.   
     Many have sought creative ways to bring the third angels messages to a dying world. But God has given us a plan that will not fail if heeded. It is through the right hand of the gospel work, that many souls will be reached to hear the prophetic messages for this time. The servant’s ministry is the gospel in practice. It was through this means that Christ brought the gospel to the multitudes. The field of the world and the church are ripe to the harvest and the time to move is now. But let us remember God’s counsel regarding the entering wedge, prayers of the saints, and use it for what it was ordained for.

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